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So I have been working really hard on being a more positive person so… - Random Bobbie-ness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 17th, 2010|08:39 pm]
So I have been working really hard on being a more positive person so I wanted to share some positive things in my life. Normally I would bitch about the negative things but today I want to share the good.

I work at Blizzard and I LOVE IT!!!
I am paying off my credit card 250 dollars at a time each month and already have over 1000 dollars shaved off my debt.
I made a new friend named Cassie. She started the same day I did and we both love anime, cosplayiing, and Final Fantasy 13!
Dave bought me Final Fantasy 13 because I have been working so hard and he thought I deserved a reward for doing so well.
I work out almost every day and I have given up sodas so my body feels a lot better.
I haven't gotten sick in a loooong while and no risk of relapse.
I smile all the time.
I try to say hello to someone new each day and have met some pretty cool people by doing so.
I don't let the little things get to me anymore. I enjoy each day as it is. A single day. I hope for the future and work for a happy present and it feels amazing.

I don't know why I have spent my entire life being such an uptight prick. Being positive makes me feel better. Focusing on the good is so much more fun than dwelling on the bad. I have shitty things in my life but they don't matter. They are just things that I will endure and then will provide a good learning experience for the future. With the bad always comes some good. Making in through and having the strength to push forward brings such joy. So there are days when I cry and days I want to murder the world...but those are only passing thoughts, now and in a bad situation, I can finally see the good. It is amazing.

So, yeah. I know my little spiel is kind of sugary and could send someone into a diabetic coma, but I gotta tell you...LIFE IS GOOD!